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Framework Laptop PSA: DIY Edition setup issues

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A Framework rep has posted some interesting information on Reddit surrounding the Framework Laptop DIY edition. The rep shared important info surrounding various setup issues users are having resulting in support requests linking to ‘no video’ or ‘DOA’.

Seating RAM correctly

The rep pointed out that the main issue the company is finding users are having is not being able to seat RAM correctly. This is often fixed by simply re-seating the RAM, and if it still doesn’t work switching the RAM sticks in the slots.

We’re seeing a growing number of contacts into Framework Support where customers are not able to get their new shiny to power on after installing components on the DIY Edition. There are a number of reasons why this could be happening, but we’re seeing a trend of folks not seating their RAM properly which is leading to “no video” or “DOA” contacts.

u/TheTwistgibber via Reddit

Another option that seems to be fixing a majority of the issues is by only installing one RAM stick starting the laptop, turning it off, then installing both sticks together. If you are still having issues:

The key is not to panic. Through some basic troubleshooting, nearly all issues can be resolved without new hardware entering the mix. Welcome to the DIY club! You can also read more about some additional troubleshooting HERE.

u/TheTwistgibber via Reddit

Getting the correct version

Framework has seen a number of people not comfortable installing parts into the DIY edition of the laptop or troubleshooting. While Framework has made the DIY edition as friendly as possible if you aren’t comfortable installing parts spend a little extra and go for the pre-built option.

If you are uncomfortable opening up the laptop and replacing components, we highly recommend one of our “pre-built” Framework Laptops instead as we’ve confirmed the combination of hardware is compatible with one another, and verified it’s ready to power up on first boot.

u/TheTwistgibber via Reddit

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