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Framework Laptop US/CA Stock with carbon-offset shipping

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In its latest update Framework has shared some exciting news about US and CA stock along with a great step forward in its logistics workflow allowing it to have all North American orders carbon-offsetting.

North American stock

The first big update from Framework is that its Framework laptop is now in stock and ready to ship to buyers in the United States and Canada. Framework has been able to bring down the preorder backlog from two months to less than a week! A crucial step to ensure Framework continues to thrive.

The silicon issues are still present, but it seems that the Framework team has its production lines running smoothy to a point that it can keep up with current orders and soon open orders to a few European countries.

With laptops in stock, we’re continuing to use our Batch system for ordering.  If any configurations go out of stock, they will revert back to being pre-orderable, but with a shorter lead time than before.

– Framework Team

Free shipping for orders

For all orders ended up until the end of December Framework will be upgrading all orders to expedited shipping (2nd Day in the US and International Priority in Canada) to ensure as many people as possible can get their laptops before Christmas.

Carbon-offset shipping

Framework is also excited to share that it has been working to reduce its carbon impact from its operations. Over the last few months Framework has been tracking its carbon footprint of its logistics network. Framework is offsetting all its current and past shipments through Flexport and Carbonfund.org 

We know buying offsets is not a perfect solution, so we’re continuing to investigate and invest in ways to reduce our carbon output altogether across manufacturing, logistics, and product lifecycle.  The repairability and longevity of our products are uniquely suited to that, and we aim to build the lowest-carbon laptop around.

– Framework Team

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