FFalcon U63 Smart TV first impressions

FFalcon U63 4K UHD Smart TV first impressions review

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FFalcon has been on the scene for a few years now with the FFalcon U63 being the latest. As a sub-brand of TCL, FFalcon has the advantage of having some of the cheapest smart TVs on the market, making them a top choice for anyone looking to get a TV on a budget.

FFalcon U63 first impressions

Before your buy

When it comes to purchasing the TV, you have two retailers to choose from, which happened to be in the same group, JB Hi-Fi or The Good Guys. Both retailers keep the prices the same making it easy to get the TV from which ever store is closest to you.

FFalcon is also a sub-brand of TCL, one of the largest TV manufactures in the world, which we will go into detail further on. This is also why you might see a FFalcon TV and TCL TV that look identical.

Making the purchase

I chose to go with JB Hi-Fi purely due to them having stock at my nearest store. Buying an FFalcon TV is just like any other, you buy it, get handed a large box, and you take the box home to setup. Simple.

One thing to note, you might already be aware if you read the reviews for the older FFalcon TVs, is that they aren’t the most reliable. So far, I haven’t had any issues with mine and have a feeling that this issue is something that took a few generations to sort out.

It is also important to note that the FFaclon U63 is a Google TV, whereas the older models were either Roku or Android TVs, older and arguably worse interfaces for a smart TV.

Setup and using the FFalcon U63

Once the TV is out of the box and the two feet are screwed on it is ready to turn on and be setup. You are greeted with two options, setup the TV in basic mode or Google TV mode. Opting for the later means the main TV interface is Google TV, showing you all your show recommendations and installed apps and games.

The TV has been responsive so far without any freeze ups or issues. Interestingly, TCL does seem to have its own interface built into the TV that looks very similar to the Google TV settings interface, not sure what this is about but I haven’t used it or logged into the TCL side of things. It also isn’t required to use the FFalcon U63.

Important note: U63 does NOT come with an cable to connect the TV to satellite channels. However, it can be picked up from Bunnings for under $10.

FFalcon U63 take-aways

  • For the price, no other TV comes anywhere near the FFalcon U63
  • Many people say the speakers are terrible, we find them to be fine
  • Setting up the TV with Google TV is easy and fast
  • No hardware or software issues to report as of yet