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Framework Laptop international release, pre-orders open soon

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In its latest newsletter, Framework has shared an update on its improving supply chain and its expansion into Europe, Asia, and eventually APAC. Framework Laptops are soon to start shipping out within a few weeks instead 1-2 months, making everyone happier!

International update

The most exciting update of the lot must be the expansion of Framework into the rest of the world. The company has shared that it has selected its worldwide warehousing and fulfilment partner, which is a big piece of the puzzle complete.

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The next factor that must be considered is different standards and languages in different countries. Germany is used an example for needing a German specific keyboard and a Type F power cable. This localisation would also then be updated on the website for an extensive list of countries, which takes time to update and produce. The following list is an oversimplification of what is required:

  • Updated support documentation
  • Local payment support
  • Euro prices and taxes
  • Accounting support
  • Terms of Sale, Privacy
  • Warranty Policy
  • CE certifications
  • HS codes and tariffs
  • Importer of Record
  • German-language in-time-zone customer support
  • Refunds and returns
  • Region-specific part sourcing

Pre-orders open soon!

That being said, Framework has said pre-orders will open for the next few countries will open before the end of the year with early shipments going out in early 2022. Exciting! We currently don’t know which countries will be included in this initial expansion, but we assume it will stick within Europe for now.

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