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Framework announces the Framework Marketplace

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After first being mentioned a while ago, Framework has released the Framework Marketplace, an online store that allows you to buy replacement parts, upgrades, including the motherboard, a colourful bezel, expansion cards, and more!

Framework Marketplace

Selling a product that can be repairable is one thing but then supporting that product with a store that sells everything you would need is another and just as important as the product itself.

Looking at the Framework Marketplace, which can be found here, everything you could ever need when replacing parts on a laptop is present, including:

  • Expansion cards
  • Mainboards
  • Memory and Storage
  • Keyboards
  • Parts
  • Customisation
  • Tools
  • Software

Currently, a lot of the parts and products featured on the marketplace are marked with coming soon, suggesting that getting stock is hard and the Framework team is prioritising parts for the laptop orders first. We expect more parts to become available over the next two months or so and into the new year. Afterall, you shouldn’t need to buy any parts within the first few months of purchasing the Framework Laptop, unless luck isn’t on your side and you damage it.

Framework repair guides

Along with the release of the Framework Marketplace, the company also has a set of guides to go along with each part and upgrades that you could do with the Framework Laptop. This is a terrific addition as it means there will be no guess work when taking apart your laptop to replace the mainboard or upgrading your storage.

Join the team

With the impressive amount of growth within the company, Framework is looking to hire more than ten new positions from marketing to engineering. If you have any interest in tech or what the company is doing for the repairability space be sure to apply! Some of the jobs also allow remote candidates.

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