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Framework prepares to ship batch 4 laptops to customers

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Framework has begun to send out emails to batch 4 customers letting them know that their Framework laptops are ready to go and will be shipped out soon. Great news for all those that are waiting!

Framework is on a killer run producing and shipping out laptops to its first lot of customers. This time around Batch 4 customers can get excited as their orders are now being prepared for shipping, with units expected to ship over the next few weeks.

At this stage it appears that Framework is getting ready to take the remaining balance for all orders from the chosen payment method as it prepares to package and ship the laptops. The email Framework sent is also being used as a confirmation for the shipping details entered at the checkout to ensure customers get their laptops.

Framework laptops batch 4

How long will your order take?

Those that are currently in batch for will definitely see their laptops shipped this month as promised by Framework. The most powerful option in the ready-to-go and DIY editions still has some units left in Batch 4, which will also ship out this month if ordered before the end of it.

As for those in Batch 5, which still has units available, you can expect to see those laptops start to ship during November, right in time for Christmas. From Batch 4 and previous we can expect to see these laptops being prepared for shipping in the beginning of November and being shipped out around mid-November.

Looking at customers comments on the Framework subreddit it appears that from ordering to receiving the laptop it will take around 3 weeks given that nothing goes wrong in the process. Below is a breakdown from u/Ralakus on Reddit.

  • Ordered: Aug 26
  • Batch preparing to ship: Sept 8
  • Preparing to ship your order: Sept 21
  • Card charged: Sept 23
  • Shipped: Sept 27
  • Arrived: Sept 29

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