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dbrand now sells Framework Laptop skins, including expansion cards

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The most popular skin maker dbrand now offers skins for the Framework Laptop, including the expansion cards. This move comes as an exciting one as dbrand doesn’t offer skins for all products and will for sure increase the exposure of the Framework Laptop and even increase sales.

You can head over the dbrand right now and order your skins for the Framework Laptop, with options for the top, trackpad, palmrest, bottom, and expesion cards.

You have access to the full range of materials allowing you to customise your Framework Laptop as you want. Plus, you get the added benefit of a little bit of extra protection from scratches and accidental drops that will allow you to keep using your laptop for longer, while being able to upgrade the parts as Framework releases new options.

The pricing for each skin type is as follows in US$:

  • Top – $24.95
  • Trackpad – $2.95
  • Palmrest – $14.95
  • Bottom – $19.95
  • Expansion Cards x4 – $4.95
  • Totalling – $67.75 with free shipping

It’s great to see companies getting onboard with the Framework Laptop and shows that the right-to-repair movement does have the potential to go somewhere in the future. It would be interesting to know if dbrand has invested in Framework and if Linus had anything to do with this collaboration.

We can expect to see more skinning companies joining dbrand in supporting the Framework Laptop. Reading the Framework forums there is a large demand for these skins so it’s highly likely to happen before the end of the year, if not early next year.

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