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GEEEK’s new aluminium G1 mini-ITX case is up for pre-order

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Taiwanese-based GEEEK’s latest and first aluminum mini-ITX case, the GEEEK G1, is up for pre-order across the world, with shipping beginning on December 8th. GEEEK offers those that pre-order the case an exclusive offer, USD 10 off, oAr a mesh side panel for free.

The GEEEK G1 is the first aluminum entry for the company, which has created some pretty impressive budget-friendly small form factor cases for some timesome time. The G1 takes on a very minimalistic look with a uni-body design and a single power button on the front.

The new case comes in two colors, silver, and black. It features 2.5mm 6061-T6 sandblasted anodized aluminum, with a metal stamped bracket holding all the components in and acrylic side panels. The case is just slightly larger than the A50 Plus, coming in at 144 x 234 x 332mm (W x H x D), with a volume of 11.2 liters.

Just like the GEEEK A50 Plus, the G1 also has support for up to two 2.5″ drives, two-slot GPUs, and an SFX or SFX-L power supply. The case allows CPU coolers up to 66 mm in height to be used and up to four 120 mm fans, with two being 15 mm in height.

The case supports GPUs up to 320 mm long, 150 mm tall, and 50 mm wide. This improves the smaller budget options from GEEEK and allows AMD’s new RX 6800 and NVIDIA’s RTX 3080, 3070, and 3060 TI to fit in the case. We have ordered one of GEEEK’s new cases to take a look at it. We will be sure to post our thoughts on it on here and on our YouTube channel.

You can head over to GEEEK’s website right now to secure yourself an unreleased G1 case. The case runs USD 129, with an extra USD 20 for the GEEEK premium riser cable for the GPU. With the special pre-order deal from GEEEK, you can get a set of mesh side panels for the case for free, or you can select a USD 10 discount. The mesh side panel option is expected to ship from December 15th, while the discounted unit will ship on December 8th.