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DIY Perks builds the ultimate SFF suitcase PC

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Arguably the best DIY tech youtuber DIY Perks (Matt) has created another SFF PC build this time fitting a fully featured gaming PC in the size of a suitcase. Let’s take a look at the video and see what Matt was able to do this time.

Looking at the video

Matt’s goal with this latest PC is to be able to take it anywhere without the common compromises found with laptops and some SFF PCs. To add to the design the PC has a wide range of height adjustments to make sure it’s comfortable to use and allows you to store and mouse and keyboard around the back. Thanks to the depth of the system a set of front-facing speakers with an internal subwoofer has also been fitted with three 144Hz displays.

The main display in the centre is taken out of a desktop monitor, this will also become main section of the PC, holding most of the components to it. To make use of the tabs already on the rear of the display Matt 3D printed a few clips to attach a sturdy mounting for a backplate that holds the components.

Beginning the build, Matt installed the speakers and subwoofer first, later moving onto the building the PC based on a Mini-ITX motherboard featuring an AMD Ryzen 7 5950X with Crucial DDR4 64GB ram at 3600Mhz and an RTX 3080. As these components are power-hungry Matt decided to go with a dual power supply setup from PLEX, giving the PC the ability to use up to 800W. This also allows the suitcase PC to be run directly from a DC supply.

Be sure to watch the video below to get the full picture of what Matt from DIY Perks has been able to achieve! It’s definitely an impressive build.

Into the future

While the PC is great in its current state, Matt explains that the suitcase PC can be refined and made into a much more compact setup with larger side screens. Due to the desktop components and the fact that Matt isn’t a manufacturer much of the system had to be made larger to fit standard parts, if a company were behind these parts could be custom made and smaller laptop spec parts could be used.

Matt said shared his excitement for what other people might do the design and we sure hope one of the big PC companies works with him to create a version 2. As always Matt takes something that seems like it can’t be done and blows all expectations out of the water. We can’t wait to see the next PC build from DIY Perks and will be sure to cover it once again.

Source: DIY Perks