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GEEEK adds its G1 SE Mini-ITX case to its website

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GEEEK has added its upcoming G1 SE Mini-ITX case ahead of its launch, giving us a look at the compatibility and features. The biggest addition is the ability to use a 120 mm AIO at the bottom of the case to keep the CPU cool. The case has also got GPU compatibility improvements over the G1 case.

The GEEEK G1 SE Mini-ITX case supports GPUs up to 325 mm in length, 145 mm in height, and 55 mm in width. The length and height have been improved over the original G1. The height has been reduced by 5 mm.

The 120 mm AIO can have a radiator height of 27 mm and a maximum fan height of 25 mm. It appears that the radiator can only place beneath the power supply, which also looks to be adjusted slightly to fit the new cooling option.

Everything we know

Taking a look at the image, the first thing that sticks out is the bottom panel we mentioned in a previous post. The bottom of the case has been removed to cut costs, leaving a black bracket instead. The bracket looks to spread the bottom fans further from each other and give them a nice fan grill. This means the case will likely not support water-cooling either.

The power button looks to match the metal’s finish, rather than being a shiny finish on the G1, a much more finished look, in my opinion. The SSD mounting bracket looks to have a new metal construction that matches the holes in the side panels and top of the case. We can also see that the power supply mount has been changed, possibly to make it easier to get in and out.


Taking a look at this image, we now know for sure that bottom fan intakes have been updated with a grill design, a much-welcomed change. On top of this, we can now see the case has a new inner shell covering the silver metal on the inside and forms the bottom of the case.

Overall, it seems that GEEEK is essentially creating a V2 of the current G1, with cosmetic improvements that manage to keep the cost down at the same time. The case looks pretty good from the looks of things, and we can’t wait to get our hands on it.

GEEEK G1 SE case

Taking a look at the previous image posted to Twitter by GEEEK, we can see a few notable differences from the original G1. The first thing we noticed is the black metal ring surrounding the inside of the case. This new black ring covers the silver finish on the inside, giving the case a more finished look.

Next on the list of changes in the bottom fan grill. The original G1 lacks a mesh-like pattern in favor of large cutouts, allowing more air and dust into the case from the bottom. In the new image of the G1 SE, it appears that the large holes have been switched out for the same circular mesh.

Looking at the fan intake on the top of the case, it appears that it has been made a little longer, possibly to accommodate three 92 mm fans along with the standard 120 mm fans. This should also improve the thermals of the case, as it has plagued the current G1.

Something that took me a little longer to notice is excluding the metal case on the bottom of the case. Since the outer casing is likely the most costly part to make, it makes sense that the bottom of the case would be cut down to use less material and save a little money at the same time. I assume that the side panels will cover this so that it won’t be an issue.


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