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Build a Framework laptop, desktop with mainboard availability

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Framework has made the Framework Laptop‘s mainboard available via its Marketplace, allowing anyone to build their own Framework PC or upgrade their current system.

Framework Laptop mainboard

You can now purchase the Framework Laptop’s mainboard via the company’s marketplace webstore. All three mainboard models, i5-1135G7, i7-1165G7, and i7-1185G7, are available right now for those in the US and Canada, with availability coming to the UK, Germany, France, Netherlands, Austria, and Ireland soon.

Framework has also released the CAD and electrical documentation to GitHub along with 3D printable cases that will allow you to use the mainboard as a standalone PC, with the addition of RAM and a power supply of course.

We have created a page on Printables where all our custom cases will live along with the reference design from Framework.

A carbon neutral laptop

In celebration of earth day, Framework announced a $100 add-on that lets you buy one unit of “carbon capture and sequestration, which translates to 334kg of CO2e.”

Framework has partnered with Running Tide, a Maine based start-up that is literally sinking carbon in the ocean through floating bio-buoys that grow kelp micro forests over a period of months and then sink to the ocean floor, sequestering carbon for hundreds to thousands of years.

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