SFF GEEK Carbon Footprint

To keep SFF GEEK’s carbon footprint to a minimum we closely track the amount of carbon we produce through the technologies we use to bring this website to you.

According to websitecarbon.com SFF GEEK’s homepage is cleaner than 77% of web pages tested and produces 0.34 grams of CO2 every time someone visits it.

Ways we actively reduce our carbon footprint

There are a variety of things we do to reduce our carbon footprint with some of the most impactful ones listed below.

  • High-grade SEO
  • High-grade content
  • Simple and frictionless UX
  • Efficient caching, minimisation of images, css, and js
  • Sparing use of videos on pages
  • Efficient font usage
  • Minimal JS usage
  • Use of Google’s AMP
  • Use of Cloudflare
  • Dark mode based on system settings
  • Running on the latest PHP version

Interested to see what else we do at SFF GEEK? Check out the causes we support.