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Easily check if your games are Steam Deck compatible

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With the Valve Steam Deck days away, Valve has released a new store page that tells you if your Steam library is compatible. A much-needed feature that will save you money if you are planning to get a Steam Deck but have no compatible games.

Your Library on (Steam) Deck

The new page on the Steam Store, is named ‘Your Library on Deck‘. The page dynamically lists all your games, meaning you will be required to sign in to see the list.

All of your games are broken down into four categories:

  • Deck Verified Games
  • Deck Playable Games
  • Unsupported Deck Games
  • Untested Deck Games

At the moment, I only have three games that are verified to work on the Steam Deck, six that are marked as playable, four marked as unsupported, and thirty-four games that are untested.

Since the Steam Deck is still very knew, it’s expected to see these numbers a little lower. As the console ages the number should drastically increase with more developers jumping on-board and more demand from consumers to have working games.

Deck Verified

If you are looking to get the Steam Deck for a specific game, but don’t have it yet. You can head over to the Steam Deck Verified page which has a full list of all the games that have been verified to work on the Steam Deck.

Valve is continuously updating this page with more games, with the number of verified titles skyrocketing over the last few days as the company gears up for the public launch.

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Source: Valve Steam