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GEEEK M5 nears to release, compatibility testing underway

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As we noted last week the GEEEK M5 is nearing release with the company receiving the final design from the factory and this week, compatibility testing all the parts you would find in a small form factor PC.

Last week’s news

The tweet from the company showed off the final sample of the case from the factory. This sample didn’t come painted showing off the raw steel, which would look good once finished. From these new images we don’t really get anything that we don’t know already.

It is exciting to see the final sample has arrived and GEEEK is finishing off the final adjustments. GEEEK did share that the M5 will be ready for the end of this year, so hopefully over November the case is finalised and ready to ship by December. The only issue then will be shipping due to the pandemic and Christmas combined, which could mean only getting the case delivered in the new year.

Moving on from the case to something that we haven’t seen before from GEEEK and the past M5 posts is a PCIe 4.0 riser cable. This a welcomed addition and is really the standard now that GPUs have moved on from Gen 3.0. It looks like GEEEK has worked on stiffening up and securing the connections a little better than its previous riser cables. This should ensure the riser cable keeps working even with the tight bend required when connecting it to the motherboard.

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