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Everything we know about the GEEEK M5 case: $89, in final development

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After a while of not hearing anything new around GEEEK’s most anticipated cased, the GEEEK M5. We finally have some good news that will likely see us get the case before the end of the year, right in time for Christmas and the upcoming chips from AMD and Intel.

About an hour ago GEEEK took to Twitter to share an update on the upcoming GEEEK M5 case, sharing that it is waiting for the final sample unit before heading into production. This final unit will almost certainly be the finished product and will fix a few issues the team have had with previous sample units they’ve received from the factory.

If the final sample unit is given the go ahead from GEEEK, we can expect to see the case go into production before the end of the month. Permitting there are no production delays or delays in getting the final sample.

The new spine

Looking at a previous tweet from GEEEK, we can see the spine has two height options, low and high, set-in place with screws. The shorter option looks to allow for the AOI support promised in the spec sheet, along with slim 120mm fans. The more exciting position for us is high as it allows for an AIO to be added, also with slim 120mm fans, or added room for an SFX-L power supply which come with a larger 120mm for improved cooling and lower sound when running large loads.

GEEEK M5 case

The Taiwanese SFF case maker shared the new feature on Twitter, giving us a better insight into what the case will be. So far it seems like it will be the most customisable case yet. Looking at the image from GEEEK it appears that the center spine is behind the manoeuvrability, likely thanks to two sets of screw wholes on the back and front of the case to let you choose a preferred position.

GEEEK hasn’t said anything about the clearances with the positioning of the spine but looking at the specs listed on GEEEK’s website we can assume that the CPU cooler height can either be 52mm or 65mm and the GPU width can either be 55mm or 70mm.



AvailableQ4 2021
ColorBlack, White
MaterialsSteel (SPCC)
Dimensions (WxHxD)140×223x340mm
Case Volume10.6 L
I/O Panel
CPU Cooler Height52mm or 65mm
Graphic Card Length320mm
Graphic Card Height135mm
Graphic Card Width55mm or 70mm
Drives2x 2.5″ or 1x 3.5″
Power SupplySFX, SFX-L
Liquid CoolingTop or Bottom: 1x 120 or 1x 240mm
Fan – Top2x 120mm
Fan – Front
Fan – Bottom2x 120x15mm
Fan – Rear
The specs of the upcoming M5 case.

Price and availability

The price will be $89 according to GEEEK. One thing we do know is the release date, according the GEEEK the case will be released in the fourth quarter of this year–right in time for the holidays.

Along with the photos GEEEK has posted to Twitter, the company has also shared a detailed list of the specs on its case comparer, allowing us to get a better understanding of what can be done with the M5 case.

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