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GEEEK’s M5 revealed to have a shift-able spine

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After showing off the new M5 steel case, GEEEK has shared more information and images of the case pointing to a smart design choice, the ability to shift the spine up and down to make room for components specific to your build.

The new spine

Looking at the tweet from GEEEK, we can see the spine has two height options, low and high, likely set in place with screws. The shorter option looks to allow for the AOI support promised in the spec sheet, along with slim 120mm fans. The more exciting position for us is high as it allows for an AIO to be added, also with slim 120mm fans, or added room for an SFX-L power supply which come with a larger 120mm for improved cooling and lower sound when running large loads.

A great case in the making

As we learn more about the M5 it is looking increasingly like the ultimate budget SFF case with features you would expect with a higher price tag.

Pricing and availability

The pricing of the GEEEK M5 is currently unknown but is expected to cost around the same as the G1 SE. We think the price will start at around the $130 mark. One thing we do know is the release date, according the GEEEK the case will be released in the fourth quarter of this year–right in time for the holidays.

Along with the photos GEEEK has posted to Twitter, the company has also shared a detailed list of the specs on its case comparer, allowing us to get a better understanding of what can be done with the M5 case.

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