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Control Panel has been around in Windows since 1985 or 37 years with its end planned with the release of Windows 11. As Microsoft continues to release preview builds to Windows Insiders Control Panel functions are slowly being removed in favour of the settings app.

Last updated: May 1, 2022 – Windows Insider beta build 22610.1

This post will be used to track the status of the features in Control Panel before they are eventually removed from Windows all together, a bittersweet moment for sure.

Please note: the list below is taken from the latest Windows Insider Dev build with slight variation expected between the beta and preview channels.

As there are a few tools that open in their own application with Windows 7 styling I will be listing these as Control Panel. If they are moved into the settings app or receive a Windows 11 revamp, I will adjust the status accordingly.

If a feature is featured in multiple sections, I will only include them in the first section they show up in to remove any duplicates. If you want to stay updated on the latest Windows 11 Insider builds you can do so here.

System and Security

Security and MaintenanceReview your computer’s status and resolve issuesControl Panel
Security and MaintenanceChange User Account Control SettingsControl Panel
Security and MaintenanceTroubleshoot common computer problemsSettings app
Windows Defender FirewallCheck firewall statusControl Panel
Windows Defender FirewallAllow an app through Windows FirewallControl Panel
SystemView amount of RAM and processor speedSettings app
SystemAllow remote accessControl Panel
SystemLaunch remote assistanceControl Panel
SystemSee the name of this computerSettings app
Power OptionsChange battery settingsSettings app
Power OptionsChange what the power buttons doControl Panel
Power OptionsChange when the computer sleepsControl Panel
File HistorySave backup copies of your files with File HistoryControl Panel
File HistoryRestore your files with File HistoryControl Panel
Back up and Restore (Windows 7)Back up and Restore (Windows 7)Control Panel
Back up and Restore (Windows 7)Restore files from backupControl Panel
Storage SpacesManage Storage SpacesControl Panel
Work FoldersManage Work FoldersControl Panel
Windows ToolsFree up disk spaceControl Panel
Windows ToolsDefragment and optimise your drivesControl Panel
Windows ToolsCreate and format hard disk partitionsControl Panel
Windows ToolsView event logsControl Panel
Windows ToolsSchedule tasksControl Panel

Network and internet

Network and Sharing CentreView network status and tasksControl Panel
Network and Sharing CentreConnect to a networkTaskbar Wi-Fi popup
Network and Sharing CentreView network computers and devicesControl Panel
Internet OptionsChange your homepageControl Panel
Internet OptionsManage browser add-onsControl Panel
Internet OptionsDelete browsing history and cookiesControl Panel

Hardware and Sound

Devices and PrintersAdd a deviceSettings app
Devices and PrintersAdvanced printer setupSettings app
Devices and PrintersMouseControl Panel
Devices and PrintersDevice ManagerControl Panel
Devices and PrintersChange Windows To Go start-up optionsControl Panel
AutoPlayChange default settings for media or devicesControl Panel
AutoPlayPlay CDs or other media automaticallyControl Panel
SoundAdjust system volumeControl Panel
SoundChange system soundsControl Panel
SoundManage audio devicesControl Panel
Power OptionsChoose a power planControl Panel
Power OptionsEdit power planControl Panel
Windows Mobility CentreAdjust commonly used mobility settingsControl Panel
Windows Mobility CentreAdjust settings before giving a presentationControl Panel
Pen and TouchChange tablet pen settingsControl Panel
Pen and TouchTurn flicks on or offControl Panel
Pen and TouchSet flicks to perform certain tasksControl Panel
Pen and TouchChange touch input settingsControl Panel
Tablet PC SettingsCalibrate the screen for pen or touch inputControl Panel
Tablet PC SettingsSet tablet buttons to perform certain tasksControl Panel
Tablet PC SettingsChoose the order of how your screen rotatesControl Panel


Programs and FeaturesUninstall a programControl Panel
Programs and FeaturesTurn Windows features on or offControl Panel
Programs and FeaturesView installed updatesSettings app
Programs and FeaturesRun programs made for previous versions of WindowsControl Panel
Programs and FeaturesHow to install a programBrowser
Default ProgramsChange default settings for media or devicesControl Panel

User Accounts

User AccountsChange account typeControl Panel
User AccountsAdd or remove user accountsControl Panel
Credential ManagerManage Web CredentialsControl Panel
Credential ManagerManage Windows CredentialsControl Panel
Mail (Microsoft Outlook)Mail (Microsoft Outlook)Control Panel

Appearance and Personalisation

Taskbar and NavigationNavigation propertiesSettings app
Ease of Access CentreAccommodate low visionControl Panel
Ease of Access CentreUse screen readerControl Panel
Ease of Access CentreTurn on easy access keysControl Panel
Ease of Access CentreTurn High Contrast on or offSettings app
File Explorer OptionsSpecificy single- or double-click to openControl Panel
File Explorer OptionsShow hidden files and foldersControl Panel
FontsPreview, delete, show or hide fontsControl Panel
FontsChange Font SettingsControl Panel

Clock and Region

Date and TimeSet the time and dateControl Panel
Date and TimeChange the time zoneControl Panel
Date and TimeAdd clocks for different time zonesControl Panel
RegionChange date, time or number formatsControl Panel

Ease of Access

Ease of Access CentreLet Windows suggest settingsControl Panel
Ease of Access CentreOptimise visual displayControl Panel
Ease of Access CentreReplace sounds with visual cuesControl Panel
Ease of Access CentreChange how your mouse worksControl Panel
Ease of Access CentreChange how your keyboard worksControl Panel
Speech RecognitionStart speech recognitionControl Panel
Speech RecognitionSet up a microphoneControl Panel

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