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YouTube Studio app receives major update

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The YouTube Studio app has seen a major update and overhaul after being neglected for years. The update is welcomed by all channels after it was first announced last year.

We’re super excited to share that we recently redesigned the YouTube Studio mobile app from the ground up. With a new interface that allows you to navigate with fewer taps, and a ton of new features that make it easier for you to manage your channel on the go, we think you’ll love it!

For the first time in years YouTube has shown major love to YouTubers by updating the YouTube Studio app. The app was released with the intent to give channels ultimate control on the go, which wasn’t exactly the case.

Many of the new features introduced by YouTube were left out of the app with what seemed like no hope. Last year YouTube updated the app logo, which was a start, and later announced that it would start work on an improved experience, which it has finally followed through with!

Hopefully, this is the start of a new era for the company, and we will continue to see updates to the app! We are sure loving the new app and control it gives us.

A few exciting updates

  • A new navigation bar to help you quickly access the Dashboard, Content, Analytics, Comments, and Playlists tabs
  • More data in YouTube Analytics, including a personalized summary of your channel performance, additional revenue data, and additional audience metrics to give you insights into who is watching your content
  • New search filters for comments that make it easier to find certain types of comments you want to reply to
  • The ability to appeal a “yellow icon” monetization decision using your phone

Get the new app

The new app can be downloaded on iOS and Android devices right now. If you already have YouTube Studio installed, you just need to update the app to get the latest version and features.

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