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The current state of Windows 11: FYI, it’s a mess

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Windows 11 was “officially” released on October 5 and is available to install right now if you willing to go through a few extra steps. Going to the standard Windows Update page in settings won’t work as the new OS is still not ready for prime time with some components and apps using Windows 10 and even Windows 7 styling. So, let’s look at what Microsoft still must work on before Windows 11 will become widely available to the public.

Control Panel

Windows 7

This one is obvious, it stuck around in Windows 10 and is still present in Windows 11 today. Although it has Windows 11’s new rounded corners it’s various features still haven’t been moved over to the settings app while other features end up redirecting you to the settings app.

Then there’s the programs and features section. Microsoft moved this into the settings app in Windows 10 but never removed it from the Control Panel. This also results in the uninstall button for now Windows Store apps to take you into the control panel when the functionality is built right into the settings app.

Device Manager

Windows 7

Device Manager is another utility like control panel, forgotten about and in urgent need of a redesign, not only to match Windows 11 but to make it more user friendly.

Volume & Media Controls

Windows 10

Hitting the pause, start, volume up or down, and mute button will display a familiar media control UI in the top left corner of the screen. This still uses Windows 10 theming but other than that it’s great and still an easy-to-use solution. It’s unclear if Microsoft will be removing the media controls from the top left as the notification shade now displays media currently playing from apps and websites.

Right click menu

Windows 10

Microsoft has implemented an updated right click menu, but there’s a dedicated menu option that displays the older Windows 10 menu. It’s clear that third party apps don’t integrate with the new Windows 11 menu, making the older one necessary for daily use. Microsoft did share that it will nest multiple options from the same third-party app into one menu option and use a sub-menu, but we are still yet to see that.

File Explorer

Windows 11ish

A while back Microsoft released an update that brought the Windows 11 theming to File Explorer. This update only focused on the top menu bar and the right click menu, which still isn’t 100%. We assume the Windows team will be releasing another UI update to File Explorer before shipping to PCs users its current state is very Windows 10/7.

Xbox Game Bar

Windows 10

While the Xbox Game Bar received a new Windows 11 icon today, the overlay itself is still the same Windows 10 design with rounded corners. This is one of the apps that will benefit most from the frosted Windows 11 UI and will look great with dynamic content like a game behind it.

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