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Rama Dynamics Vapor Frame SFF case will showcase your PC off in style

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Rama Dynamics has come up with a brand-new SFF case, the Rama Dynamics Vapor Frame focused on showing off your PC’s components on the wall, desk, or monitor arm with a sleek and minimalistic open plan chassis.

Looking at the renders of the case and what the developer has to say the Vapor Frame has the potential to be the next big SFF case to hit the market. We are excited to see where it goes and will be following its development!

You can keep up with the development of the case via Rama Designs Instagram account.


Dimensions292x153x435mm (LxWxH)
ModelsStandard: Mini-ITX and DTX motherboards, Rear RAD support
Performance: Mini-ITX and DTX motherboards, Top, Bottom, Rear RAD support
Pro: Micro-ATX motherboards, Rear RAD support
CPU Cooler Support52mm w/ 15mm standoffs and 3-slot GPU
67mm w/ 15mm standoffs and 2-slot GPU
GPU SupportStandard and Pro: 3-slot and 348mm in length
Performance: 3-slot and 338mm of length, or 315mm of length with a top RAD
Fan SupportTop and Bottom: 2x120mm
Rear: 3x120mm or 2x140mm
RAD SupportStandard and Pro: Rear: 360mm or 280mm
Performance: Rear: 360mm or 280mm, Top and Bottom: 240mm
PSU SupportSFX and SFX-L
Pump SupportDDC pumps up to 141mm in length w/ rear RAD brackets installed
Storage3×2.5″ drives
Additional FeaturesSwappable motherboard retaining plates between Performance and Standard models.
Pro model features a rail system to ensure the Micro-ATX motherboard reaches the back of the case.
Radiator brackets can be removed for an additional GPU.
Optional ExtrasVESA mount
LED frosted acrylic accents
Copper accents
Additional GPU or RAD brackets
These specs are expected to change as the case is being actively developed.

Below are all the images we currently have of the case, all models, along with a few of the brackets that will be used in the case.

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Source: Rama Dynamics