THOR ZONE MJOLNIR case gets a vertical facelift with BORG


The sleek THOR ZONE MJOLNIR SFF case is getting a new addon that converts it into a vertical standing case taking it to the next level. The vertical stand goes by the name BORG and allows the case to sit on it for improved thermals.

The BORG is the addon we have all be waiting for, allowing vertical SFF case fans to finally look at the MJOLNIR as an option. The BORG also improves the airflow of the case thanks to the added height and the likely hood of having less obstructing the side vents and the bottom vent.

We don’t have much on the BORG for now, other than it looks to almost be ready for prime time with an official announcement made on THOR ZONE’s social accounts. We also know BORG has a dedicated power button for easy access.

From the images, we can tell the rear of the case attaches to the BORG and features a large cutout at the rear to pass all the cables through. This cutout will allow for the cables to discreetly exit via the rear of the case but might require right angle cables to prevent bending cables too much.

THOR ZONE also shared that the next batch of MJOLNIR cases will be ready for pre-order on December 14th at 4PM CET.

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