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GEEEK adds its upcoming A70 Mini-ITX case to its website

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GEEEK has continued to work on a few new cases into the new year, with the GEEEK A70 being at the top of the list right under the highly anticipated G1 SE. The unreleased A70 Mini-ITX case looks to be a vertical version of the A50 Plus, with a few adjustments made to make it even better.

Taking a look at the one image of the A70 case, we can see it is produced from the same materials as the A50 Plus and the rest of the A-series from GEEEK. The case has just been rotated 90 degrees to create a vertical case.

Looking at the case’s dimensions, all are the same, except the case is 15 mm wider to allow for 120 mm fans to be used rather than the A50 Plus’s 92 mm fans. Other than that, everything is pretty much the same.

The case supports SFX and SFX-L power supplies, up to two 120 mm fans on the front, no water cooling support, two USB 3.0 front ports, up to two 2.5″ drives, and support for a Mini-ITX motherboard. The case supports two-slot graphics cards up to 60 mm wide, with a length of 305 mm, and a height of 152 mm.

The CPU cooler height clearance has dropped by 1 mm to 69 mm. Due to the case’s layout, it must be purchased with GEEEK’s 90-degree riser cable, which takes the total to $85, a little more than the A50 Plus. Going off the previous riser created by GEEEK, the case would likely cost $65 without the riser.

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