Framework Expansion card storage

Reddit user creates 3D printed Framework Expansion card storage

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The same Reddit user that created this storage solution for the Framework Laptop Expansion Cards has released another model that adds support for more expansion cards and space for the included screwdriver and pry tool. This new model also includes a lid, ensuring the expansion cards stay in place and don’t end up all over your bag.

Reddit user u/xyz1208 is back again with a great accessory for those with more than four expansion cards for their Framework Laptops. This latest design differs from the previous vertical design laying the expansion cards out flat like many Nintendo DS game holders do.

From the image it appears that the expansion cards are friction fit into the case with the screwdriver a little freer to slide around in its own slot. This isn’t an issue as you can also print a lid for the storage case, ensuring the screwdriver and expansion cards stay in place when in transport.

You can check out the 3D printable case via this GitHub link where you can download the STL files for free for this model and the previous model. It seems like this model is great for on-the-go transport while the vertical case is perfect for leaving on your desk or storing on a horizontal surface.

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