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Could Intel’s DG1 graphics card be perfect for SFF PCs?

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Major news outlets have reported that Intel has begun shipping its new DG1 graphics card (GPU) to OEMs and system builders, prompting the big question, will it be the perfect GPU for small form factor (SFF) PCs?

The first major hit for those wanting to get their hands on the upcoming GPUs is that they won’t be available to the public. Intel has decided to ship them directly to system builders and OEMs to integrate into their systems. This means that we will likely see DG1 cards popping up on eBay and other websites for sale like we have the Ryzen 4000 series APUs.

Based on specs we have seen so far, it’s no secret that Intel’s first graphics card isn’t the most powerful on the market, making it more of an entry-level card with the ability to play some games. This lower cost and smaller form factor, as shown in the images, could make the card a perfect discreet option for small form factor PCs.

Due to this, many of us in the enthusiast section of the SFF community will likely pass this card no matter what, but OEMs and people wanting discrete graphics that offer more than integrated but still allow for a tiny case to be used this could be the way to go.

So, in general, the new DG1 from Intel won’t make sense for many of us as it will perform worse than current options. However, OEMs and people not caring too much about gaming could be heavily interested in the card. Not to mention that the ASUS card uses a passive cooler, allowing it to be used in smaller cases and for quiet setups.

What do you think of Intel’s first discrete GPU offering? If you had the chance, would you put it in a system?

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