GEEEK puts its N500 LITE Mini-ITX case up for pre-order at $69

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Small form factor (SFF) case manufacturer GEEEK has just publicly released its latest case, N500 LITE, on its online store as the company remains closed during the Moon Festival holiday. The case goes for $69 and builds on the company’s experience with its various other Mini-IYX cases.

Update: The GEEEK N500 LITE is now up for pre-order via the GEEEK online store for just $69.

GEEEK began teasing the new Mini-ITX PC case in around August of this year, about a month after it teased its upcoming aluminum PC expected to be released before the end of 2020. Unlike the upcoming aluminum case, the N500 LITE follows the same build as the rest of its cases, a mixture of acrylic with an aluminum frame.

The N500 LITE

Looking at the image on the product page and those that have been shared by GEEEK on social media, it looks like the N500 LITE will come in a black variant for now with a smoked acrylic side panel with thumbscrews. The case is once again DIY, which means you will have to spend extra time building it.

The front of the case has a single USB-A 3.0 connector and a power button with a blue LED. The case is 188 mm x 250 mm x 289 mm (WxHxD), making it somewhat comparable with the Ncase M1 and other similar size cases.

Compatible parts

Due to the larger size, the case can fit more in with support for two 2.4 inch drives, up to four fans, with three being 120 mm and one is 92 mm. You can even fit a 92 mm AIO in place of the 92 mm fan. You can fit a CPU cooler with a height of 135 mm in combination with an SFX or SFX-L power supply.

As for the GPU support, when using an SFX power supply you can fit a graphics card with a length of 280 mm, a height of 125 mm, and a width of 40 mm. If you are using an SFX-L power supply, your graphics card can be a maximum length of 265 mm, a height of 135 mm, and a width of 40 mm.

This means the GEEEK N500 LITE is not compatible with the Nvidia 3090 Founders Edition, the Nvidia 3080 Founders Edition, but will be compatible with the Nvidia 3070 Founders Edition when using a standard SFX power supply.

If your graphics card is shorter than 256mm in length, the maximum height goes from 125 mm to 135 mm, and the width stays the same at 40 mm.


The case will be available for pre-order on Monday, October 5th, and is expected to go out of stock fairly fast. The case is listed on the GEEEK online store for $69 and will likely a power extension cable for the internally mounted power supply. The order will also include an optional PCI riser cable for the graphics card, which will set you back another $20 like it does with other GEEEK cases.

What do you think of the GEEEK N500 LITE? Will you be pre-ordering it when it goes live? Let us know in the comments below.

GEEEK’s post about the N series of cases on August 11th.

Over a month later, on September 11th, GEEEK shares another update.

Around 10 days later, GEEEK shares another update, this time a finished build in the N500.

Two days later, we get the final tease of the new case, with the internal in full view, including a 92mm AIO.

Image: GEEEK