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Ameegos: community-driven blockchain-backed MMORPG

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Ameegos, The Fight for Meegosa is an upcoming community-driven blockchain-backed MMORPG allowing gamers to have true ownership of their in-game assets.

What is Ameegos?

Ameegos is a play to earn MMORPG that uses blockchain technology as the game architecture. You and your Ameego can play in either PVM or PVP modes for fun or competitively while earning ERC20 tokens, skins, wearables, abilities and more. These earnings can then be sold or traded through the Ameegos marketplace and upgraded.

Game Rewards Community
Play to earn
Massively multiplayer
Open world
Fantasy based
ERC-20 Token
Features list by Ameegos

Currently, there is a total of 7,500 Ameegos up for grabs. Separated into five kingdoms with 1,500 in each. There’s Fire, Earth, Ice, Light, and Dark Kingdoms each with their own set of skins, wearables, traits, and enchantments.

Each character has been generated with certain characteristics, features, and accessories making them all unique in their own ways. Some of the Ameegos have wings while others have weapons, and some have nothing.

What’s next?

While actual development of the game hasn’t started just yet, you can still join in on the fun and mint your own Ameegos NFT for 0.075 or around $260. This will get you access to one of 7,500 NFTs currently available. The Ameegos team is also hosting giveaways for the rest of the month, giving those that interact with them a chance to get an Ameego without having to pay.

Looking into the future the Ameegos team wants to create an Ameegos marketplace for selling, trading, and buying, merchandise, and physical models of minted Ameegos.

Further on from that, the game will then go into development, assuming everything goes to plan. This doesn’t have a confirmed date, but we can expect this to begin within the next year.

Below is a great video from Melos talking about Ameegos and what its future looks like. Be sure to watch it!


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