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LOUQE shows off its upcoming RAW S1 SFF PC case

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Swedish small form factor PC maker LOUQE has shown off its upcoming RAW S1 PC case on Twitter as the “rebellious bigger brother” to the Ghost S1. The case appears to have a more aggressive and gamer appearance with the same great build quality the company is known for.

As a part of the launch of the LOUQE RAW S1 SFF PC case, the company has decided to giveaway three units to lucky fans. The giveaway is on for the next 14 days and requires you to answer a question about the case to get more chances at winning the stunning case.

From the images, it appears that the LOUQE RAW S1 is a similar design to the Corsair One, with the tall by compact form factor with a minimalist but gamer design. The case features subtle red accents and looks to be built out of sand-blasted aluminum. Due to the vertical orientation, larger 2-slot graphics cards will likely fit the case.

The images

Taking a look at the first image posted, we get a great look at two of the case’s sides. Both panels have an almost random vent pattern to allow air to be pulled in or pushed out by fans while keeping to the gamer aesthetic the case is going for.

Looking at the left side of the case, we can see what looks to be two light rings from two fans. Rather than having sharp edges, the case has a fairly large chamfer on the vertical axis, with a much smaller horizontal axis. The case looks to be made out of sand-blasted aluminum.


The next image of the RAW S1 case appears to be of the bottom. Straight away we can see the power plug, suggesting the graphics card cables will also come out of the bottom of the case. The motherboard ports will likely still be on the rear.

This image also shows us the continuation of the red and black theme, sticking with the gamer look. A slight red glow can be seen in the image, likely from the two front fans we saw in the previous image. This metal bracket running down the center of the case suggests the motherboard will be on one side with the graphics card on the other, making it a sandwich design.

The bottom of the case looks to have a rubber ring around it with a foot on each corner and is held together with screws. The image also shows us a section of the rear of the case with the LOUQE regulatory sticker.


On top of the two images we have seen so far, LOUQE first shared a short teaser video of the RAW S1, suggesting a release date could be near.

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Image: LOUQE