Bambu Lab A1 benchy

Bambu Lab A1 prints benchy in just 14 minutes

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Ahead of the Bambu Lab A1 launch, Bambu has published a video of the soon-to-be-released A1 printing a speedbenchy in 14 minutes.

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Bambu Lab A1 benchy

Watching the video, its nothing we shouldn’t expect from Bambu Lab. The printer behaves exactly as we expect it to and very similar to the A1 Mini. The A1 is able to print a speedbenchy, highly optimised for the printer, in just 14 minutes and 23 seconds.

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AMS top mount

More interestingly, seeing how Bambu is using the AMS Lite with the A1. Bambu have mounted the AMS Lite to the top support of the printer making the system look a lot better and more compact than the setup of the A1 Mini and AMS Lite. The mount appears to be printed part, suggesting that there won’t be a mount in the box, rather you will need to print it once you receive the printer.

Bambu Lab A1 AMS Lite