Bambu Lab G1 3D printer

Bambu Lab G1, powerful next-gen 3D printer

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Bambu Lab filed a trademark for Bambu Lab G1 which looks to be an upcoming 3D printer for the company and the start of a new product line.

Bambu Lab G1 trademark

The trademark, #72605487, filed with the Chinese Trademark Office, was submitted under the 3D printer and filter classification, which may seem odd, but is what has been done with the rest of Bambu’s 3D printer related trademarks.

The trademark was filed alongside the Bambu Lab A1 back on 3rd July 2023.

Bambu Lab G1 trademark image

What could BL G1 be?

Large format 3D printer

The often spoken about option is that Bambu Lab will release a large format 3D printer, something lots of people want and would make sense based on what has been released by the competition. We aren’t sure if Bambu Lab would opt for giving its large format 3D printer a new product series, instead it would more likely be an XL version of the X1. X1XL, X1L.

A new way to 3D print

Back in 2022, Bambu Lab was granted a patent application for an interesting looking 3D printer. At the time many thought it was the upcoming Bambu Lab A1 Mini, which turned out not to be the case.

The patent, CN111775448A, shows off an interesting printer design, which could be showing the technology in a way that throws off the competition from figuring out what the company is doing.

image 1

The design is nothing like we’ve seen before. It’s got a circular base with an extruder mounted above on a slide rail system allowing it to move up and down. It looks like a bedslinger if the slinging bed was removed and replaced with a circular base. The printer looks too small to have a movable X axis based on the patent drawing, but this could be irrelevant.

In a single paragraph, there is mention to nitrogen gas and having it run through a pipe system. Some commercial 3D printers already use nitrogen gas, stating the benefits of saving money on raw material and improving the quality of final products. This use of nitrogen specifically refers to SLS or Selective Laser Sintering 3D printers using the gas to prevent oxidisation of the powder.

While the wording of the patent is vague and somewhat confusing. It sounds like the printer could be a 4-axis printer, with the bed being angled while the print head stays vertical.

We are excited to see where Bambu Lab takes its next printers and the G1. We want to iterate that we have no confirmation of what the Bambu Lab G1 is and if it is related to this patent in anyway, but it does make you think.

Consumer and prosumer get the brand name out and leaks it into commercial and enterprise and users bring it into their work environments. Commercial and enterprise is where the money is at. Is Bambu’s next printer focused on the commercial and enterprise market?