Bambu Lab A1 3D printer

Bambu Lab A1 to release December 14th

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Bambu Lab is set to unveil its latest bedslinger 3D printer and bigger brother to the A1 Mini, the Bambu Lab A1. Bambu has teased the upcoming 3D printer for release on December 14 at 9AM EST time.

Look at the potential Bambu Lab G1 3D printer.

Bambu Lab A1 teaser

Bambu Lab has begun teasing its latest 3D printer with the tagline “Big Bro is Coming for the Holidays…”. The teaser image shows a silhouette of a 3D printer with the recently released A1 Mini in front of it. Suggesting it’s a larger version of the A1 Mini.

Slightly editing the image reveals a stronger outline of what looks to be a more standard bedslinger 3D printer supporting the z-axis on both sides. Essentially the A1 looks to be a direct competitor to the MK4 from Prusa3D, while the A1 Mini is a competitor to the Prusa Mini.

Bambu Lab A1 leak

Not long after the teaser from Bambu Lab, @247_printing shared an image of the Bambu Lab A1 Combo on X. Confirming the company’s next printer is in fact a bedslinger and will continue the A1 series of budget focused Bambu printers. The A1 is also compatible with the AMS Lite released with the A1 Mini.

With this release, Bambu Lab essentially has a printer for every price point in the 3D printing market, leaving the Creality Ender 3 variants of printers at the bottom end of the price range for now. It will be interesting to see how the 3D printing industry transforms over the next few years with Bambu seemingly taking on Prusa with the advantage of Chinese manufacturing and more bang for buck.

Looking at the line drawing on the box, the A1 looks to be closer to the 200×200 to 220×220 bed size, uses a linear rail for the extruder, rails for the Y axis and what looks to be custom extrusions for the Z axis, likely with linear rails built in. The printer looks to use the same display and hot end assembly as the A1 Mini, keeping costs down, and also appearing to be a direct drive machine.