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An updated Steam Deck 2 model hits the FCC

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A new FCC listing for what appears to be related to the Steam Deck, potentially a Steam Deck 2 or TV, has been made public via the manufacturer, Quectel Wireless Solutions, of a Wi-Fi and Bluetooth module being used in an upcoming device.

Steam Deck 1030

The label included with the listing from Quectel Wireless Solutions appears to be laid out in the exact same way as the Steam Deck’s one currently is. From the Valve Corporation, to the 15V 3A, and the 201-200289 value on the label we can tell for sure that this is related to a Steam Deck device.

Steam Deck 2

Steam Deck 2?

Valve recently shared that a hardware revision for Steam Deck won’t be coming for the next couple of years, which dampens the possibility of a Steam Deck 2 passing through the FCC so soon after sharing that information. On the other hand, more powerful handheld PCs have hit the market since the release of the Steam Deck. Could Valve be feeling the pressure to bring out a more powerful version?

There are two other options we want to touch on that are possibilities. The first covers a recent leak, which appears to show off a Steam Deck TV console, forgoing the built-in screen and controls for a more standard box form factor. As the name states, allowing it to be used with a TV in more of a console way.

While this could be the case, our initial thought is a lot simpler than that. This new Steam Deck could be as little as a new Wi-Fi and Bluetooth module as Valve could be facing issues getting the previous unit or is switching to a new module for a reason. As the listing is tied to the module itself and not the Steam Deck, we can’t say 100% what it will end up being. But we don’t think it is Steam Deck 2 at this stage.

Source: FCC ID