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Cooler Master Framework Mainboard case will cost $39

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Alongside new laptops Framework announced today Framework released the Cooler Master Framework Mainboard case for those using their laptop standalone from the rest of the body.

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Taking a look at the very limited imagery we have on the new case we can tell a few things. First, it appears to be for the current 13-inch laptop model, it will also likely work with the 13-inch Ryzen models as well.

It doesn’t appear to have space to add the battery in, which would have been a great feature, but it does allow for all four expansion cards to be installed and accessed the same way.

framework mainboard case
Top-down view of the Cooler Master Framework mainboard case

The case features a transparent top shell allowing you to see the internals of the device and watch the fan spin. Other than that, this looks to be a straightforward case focused on housing your Framework Mainboard rather than adding a whole bunch of bells and whistles.


What’s in the box– Cooler Master Mainboard Case
– Stand
– VESA Mount screws
– Wi-Fi module bracket
Laptop supportFramework Laptop 13-inch
Expansion Card supportUp to 4 Expansion Cards
VESA mountYes, 100x100mm