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Framework releases new AMD Ryzen, 16-inch, 13-inch laptops

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Framework has announced a number of new products at its Next Level event today, including a new AMD Ryzen Laptop variant, and improved 13-inch model, a new 16-inch model, and a mainboard case. The company will also begin shipping to four new countries later this year.

Framework Laptop 13-inch

AMD Ryzen

A feature that has been asked for since the launch of the original Framework laptop is for a Ryzen variant, something Linus also asked for. Today, Framework has announced a new 13-inch AMD Ryzen 7040 Series variant of the laptop.

This model uses the same chassis as the Intel model but uses DDR5 RAM and an AMD-compatible Wi-Fi card. Preorders start today.


The original Intel version of the laptop has received a spec bump to the latest 13th generation Intel processors, a larger 61Wh batter, matte display, improved hinges and speakers, new bezel colours, a new audio expansion card, and other improvements. Preorders start today.

The above-mentioned new features can also be purchased standalone for existing units.

Framework Laptop 16-inch

Framework has also introduced a new 16-inch version of its laptop bringing a number of new features to the table. These upgrades include modular graphics and reconfigurable inputs. This model will also likely support Intel and AMD processors. Preorders for this will start later in the year.

Cooler Master Mainboard case

Framework has worked with Cooler Master to create a case for the Framework Mainboard. It will be a SFF PC case designed to hold the mainboard along with the expansion slots. It doesn’t look like there is space for the battery. This will release in Spring.

New countries

Later this year, Framework will begin shipping to Belgium, Italy, Spain, and Taiwan.