Google will replace your Pixel Watch for free, under one condition

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Google will replace your brand new Google Pixel Watch for free if you aren’t a fan of the excess rubber material left over from the manufacturing process. While its a little odd this wasn’t picked up during early manufacturing, its good to see Google’s willingness to fix the cosmetic issue.

Water resistant seal

Soon after receiving the Google Watch a few users began to notice what looks like excess rubber around the crown and along the seem display seem. After talking to Google about the issue and reading about it online, it seems that it is excess waterproofing material left on during the manufacturing process.

Its important to note that, having extra material on your watch shouldn’t affect it usability. It’s more of a cosmetic issue. It is possible that the issue has already been addressed during manufacturing and that this is only an issue with the first batch of watches.

Free replacement

According to a moderator from the Google Pixel subreddit, if you would like to get a replacement watch you can do so by getting in touch with Google’s customer support.

Hey folks, Google Product Expert here! This shouldn’t be an issue, but I’ve checked with the Pixel Watch team, and they want to make sure you’re 100% satisfied with your purchase. If you’d like a replacement watch, feel free to reach out to Google support and they’ll be happy to replace it for you.


How common is it?

So far, I’ve only seen two instances of the issue, one mentioned in 9to5 Google’s Pixel Watch review and the watch I’ve received. In my case, there is excess material around the crown and a tiny spot along the seem where the glass meets the metal. Depending on your watch, it might not be noticeable.

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