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Printables by Josef Průša and the Prusa team is arguably the best place on the internet to download, upload, and collaborate on 3D prints with the rest of the community.

After being in beta for the last few years, under the prusaprinters.org website, Printables was released to the public earlier this year. Since the beta launch Printables has seen over 235,000 registered users with over 6.6 million models downloaded, and a whopping 600 makes added per day.

29 contests were held with the winners receiving Prusa printers, spools of Prusament, and money. Out of the 120,000 models uploaded during this time, 12,000 of them were uploaded into contests.

So far, the three years with PrusaPrinters.org have been a great ride! We watched the community grow, share awesome design ideas, participate in all sorts of contests and endeavors – the “Groups” feature allowed people to quickly organize the production of protective face shields during the Covid-19 pandemic. We received tons of feedback and adjusted both key systems along with various bits and pieces to make the website easier to navigate and use. We hope you’ll like it!

Josef Průša

Now that Printables is out of beta the team still have the same goal in mind, to create a high-quality database with an active community. The team will continue to do this by minimising the amount of duplicate content that is uploaded and continue to invest in the community with its year-round competitions designed to get people excited about designing while getting the chance to win some great prizes.

We use Printables for all of our 3D models and we love it! Check out our models via this link.

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