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You can now 3D print your own Valve Steam Deck at home

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Valve has just taken another step in making the Valve Steam Deck an amazing product, it has released STL, STP files, renders, and drawings for the handheld gaming device giving its loyal community access to it.

You can find up-to-date files of this print on PrusaPrinters here and give it a shot yourself. Be sure to share your results on there as well!

UPDATE: We are currently printing a Steam Deck and will share the results once complete.

What Valve made available

The move means tinkerers around the world can begin to work on mods and accessories for the handheld powerhouse. To get your hands on the STL, STP, renders, and drawings you can simply go via this link, which will take you to the company’s GitLab repository for the Steam Deck.

The files released by Valve are only for the external shell of the console, leaving the guts to the imagination but is more than enough to start creating.

The Steam Deck community’s time to shine

This is your time to shine, start creating some exciting mods and accessories for the handheld console. Let your imagination run as wild as you want or create something as boring as possible. Valve is wanting to see everything and anything that will improve the user’s experience.

If you do happen to create something, Valve has asked that you email it via SteamDeckExternal@valvesoftware.com where the company will get back to you. While the company hasn’t said anything about producing anything that it’s made aware of, it is definitly an option in the future if there is something that gains enough traction from the community.

Valve shared that it is “looking forward to seeing what the community creates,” and we must admit we are too. We have already seen what a community is capable of with Framework giving users access to its expansion card ecosystem and we expect even more from the Steam Deck community.

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