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Prusa 3D introduces the Original Prusa Enclosure

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Prusa 3D has released an enclosure for its popular Original Prusa i3 MK3S+ 3D printer. The modular enclosure helps to create a stable environment for your 3D printer. For those wondering, a version for the smaller Original Prusa MINI+ is in the works and coming soon.

Feature set

The heated enclosure allows for improved prints and less warping when printing parts. Temperature and humidity can be closely monitored with the built-in sensors along with a noise reduction of about 3dB when printing.

The enclosure allows for the power supply to be mounted on the outside of the case with the option of a quick release power cable and a fire suppression system, with the later only available in the EU.

The display can either be left inside with the printer or mounted on the outside and comes with a reverse Bowden tube system for easy filament loading without the need to go into the enclosure. Dust build up is reduced along with the constant smell when printing certain materials.

The enclosure is designed to be stacked on top of one another and is produced out of sturdy metal profiles and PETG side panels, weighing over 10kg. As a bonus it can hold the weight of a Josef Průša.

Prusa’s video points out that the enclosure is modular, allowing for mods to be created for it with numerous mounting points inside and out and is compatible with the MMU2S upgrade.

Printing temperatures

The printer only heats the enclosure, it’s not actively heated, meaning lower energy consumption and less to worry about when leaving your printer running. During evaluating the Prusa recorded the following printing temperatures in the enclosure.

  • 33 °C when printing PLA
  • 36 °C when printing PETG
  • 38 °C when printing ASA
  • 39 °C when printing PC BLEND

*The ambient temperature was between 20-22 °C.


With the LCD mounted on the outside, the enclosure is 530 mm (w) × 545 mm (h) × 715 mm (d), with the LCD on the inside its 530 mm (w) × 545 mm (h) × 640 mm (d).

Prusa 3D Original Enclosure

Pricing and availability

The Original Prusa Enclosure is available for pre-order right now via the Prusa 3D store with shipping expected to start in July 2022. The enclosure comes in at $349 or €369 including VAT.

At this stage there are five different optional extras available for the enclosure. The list includes:

  • an advanced filtration system,
  • a fire suppression system (EU only),
  • a mechanical lock,
  • a PSU cable quick release,
  • and white LED strip.

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Source: Prusa 3D