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A 78% smaller Mac Mini is here! Not thanks to Apple

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Ever wanted a smaller M1 Mac Mini from Apple? 78% smaller to be exact. Snazzy Labs over on YouTube has gone ahead and created a smaller Mac Mini, while keeping all functionality and even beat Apple in adding MagSafe.

As small form factor lovers our self and after recently building a similar Ryzen-based system for ourselves, we knew we had to cover this video as soon as we finished watching it.

The M1 Mac Mini is perfect

The M1 Mac Mini is the perfect PC to minify thanks to Apple leaving a majority of last-gen Mac Mini components in it. For example, the enclosure itself and the cooling system are both from the previous generation.

Even more importantly, since the M1 chip can be found in the M1 MacBook, which is passively cooled, it means the fan can be removed leaving just the heatsink for passive cooling.

What does this mean for the next Mac Mini?

Since much of the internal space of the current generation M1 Mac Mini is just empty space this leaves the option for Apple to continuously make the Mac Mini smaller. Hopefully, the next M2 Mac Mini released will drop the cooling fan, oversized power supply and come in a more compact housing.

This would make the Mac Mini even more portable that it currently is, making it the go-to option for individuals and companies that don’t want to invest in MacBooks but are still wanting to use an Apple device. On a side not, it would allow the enterprise users to fit more next-gen M2 Mac Mini’s in the same amount of space.

Be sure to watch the full video from Snazzy Labs below learn more about the build process and the team’s reasoning for choosing to do what they did.

Make one for yourself

Quinn has uploaded the part files to Prusa Printers, allowing you to print and make your own smaller Mac Mini at home. You can check out the files and download them via this link.

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Source: Snazzy Labs