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NCASE partners with Streacom to build a better Meshlicious (M2)

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After recently announcing the end of the NCASE M1, NCASE has once again brought up its partnership with high-end SFF case manufacturer Streacom to produce an improved and redesigned version of the Ssupd Meshlicious that’s “Less Mesh and More Delicious”.

After more than a year of no official updates for this ‘NCASE M2’ the person behind the company shared the same update again, letting people know that a new case is coming and to join the SFF Guru Discord to find out more. You can read along with the conversation here.

Nothing more official has been shared on the announcement of the new case, but we were welcomed with a Discord server named SFF Gurus, which you can join right now to get some more info on cases from NCASE, Streacom, FormD, Lazer3D along with talking to other SFF enthusiasts.

What we know so far

Scrolling through the Discord channels and looking at the questions being asked we can confirm a few specs so far! As we don’t know what the case will be called, we will refer to it as the NCASE M2 (NCASE Meshlicious v2) for now.

I want to create a better product and focus on [creating] a mainstream SFF case.

A big focus of the NCASE M2 will be on improved airflow, better overall cooling for components, and better support for water cooling component. We can confirm this case will not be passive. The case will support up to 3-slot cards along with ATX power supplies, with one of the creators, W360, saying, “adding compatibility and cooling, not going backwards”.

From a few other conversations on the Discord, it looks like there will be a larger version this time with support for larger radiators and longer GPUs.

The future of Ssupd

With the creator W360 leaving Ssupd, who is also responsible for SFFLAB and NCASE, to focus on this new case it’s likely that the company will continue to produce and improve the Meshlicious in its own way. Likely to appeal to the mass market more than SFF fans.

From the Discord, it also turns out that the Meshlicious, in W360’s opinion is a “compromised product” due to budgeting issues and factory limitations place on it, reducing its potential. W360 also said that Ssupd cares more about producing larger cases that are known to sell well to a larger market, which makes sense for a big company wanting to maximise its profits.

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