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Cooler Master Mini X: a mini-ITX PC case

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Cooler Master has added a new PC case to its Summit website, adding the Cooler Master Mini X to its lineup of products its wanting feedback on.

Mini X design

The Mini X takes on a horizontal form, which is the most popular orientation in the SFF community at the moment, with a unique two-tone design. The design being shown off the most consists of one half of the case being black, while the other half is a purple to match Cooler Master’s branding. The other colour options include:

  • Silver and white
  • Black and gunmetal grey
  • Pink and light turquoise

The front of the case doesn’t allow for any airflow and features a power button and what looks to be the cutout for a USB Type-C port. Both sides of the case features ventilation for the CPU and GPU coolers to get some fresh air, with the exhaust designed to go out the top and rear of the case.

The rear of the case is simple, with a cutout of the motherboard, a hole for the power plug, and 3-slots for the GPU.

As the Mini X is more of a concept SFF PC case Cooler Master is currently looking for feedback on it. You can look at the case and provide some via this link.

Based on the images we have seen so far, it looks like this new entry from Cooler Master could be a great addition to the current SFF case lineup, giving people all the specs, they need with a little extra flair to better suit the owner.

We are excited to see where this case project goes in the future and will be sure to check it out if it’s released by Cooler Master.

SFX power supplies

The company has also shown off two high wattage SFX PSUs that we will cover shortly. The V1100 SFX Platinum and the V1300 SFX-L Platinum, delivering 1100W and 1300W, respectively.


ColoursBlack & Purple, Silver & White, Gunmetal Grey & Black, Pink & Light Turquoise
GPU Support3-slot
Specs will be updated as more information comes out.

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Source: Cooler Master