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Android apps on Windows 11 now available to beta channel

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Microsoft has expanded its rollout of Android apps on Windows 11, allowing those in the Windows Insider Beta channel to get a taste of Android on Windows if you haven’t already manually done so.

Once again this is only open to Windows Insiders running in the Beta channel within the United States although it is easy to bypass this and get Android apps running from anywhere in the world.

The importance

Even though this update doesn’t seem large for Windows 11 it is a crucial step for Android apps on Windows. As the app system is being moved into the beta channel, where most users are this means Microsoft is confident in what it has created and is wanting more feedback, which is good news as it increases the chance that we will see it release into production Windows 11.

How to get Android Apps

It is simple to get Android Apps. First, make sure you are in the beta channel and then head to the update page. There should be an update ready to go, download and install it, restart your PC, head into the Windows Store and search for Windows Subsystem for Android. Install it and follow the instructions.

If you aren’t in the United States, you can follow the instructions in the links below to get Android apps running. You can even get Google Apps running on Windows 11 with a few extra steps and adjustments to a few folders. Remember doing any of the above is done so at your own risk.

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Source: Microsoft