GEEEK G1 SE review: a great budget Mini-ITX case

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The GEEEK G1 SE from Taiwanese GEEEK is the latest Mini-ITX SFF case in its premium looking lineup of aluminium cases. The G1 SE builds on the G1, with upgrades and extra hardware support, making it an impressive option for the price.

In the box

The unboxing experience is straightforward and comes with everything you need to get the case up and running. You can choose between metal side panels with ventilation or clear side panels without ventilation (both can be purchased). The G1 SE can also be purchased with a PCIe riser cable with the exact length required for the case.

Something that’s new with the G1 SE is the inclusion of a screwdriver, allowing you to build in the case from start to finish without the need to supply your own screwdriver. As usual GEEK also includes a bag of screws including spares to add more into the case or if you happen to lose one or two.

Build quality

For the price, the GEEEK G1 SE is impressive, the feel of the sandblasted anodised aluminium is great, smooth to the touch and a significant improvement over the original G1. The new magnetic mounting system for the side panels is a welcome addition, making it easier to access the case and not having to unscrew eight thumb nuts every time.

To ensure the price stays affordable GEEEK has chosen to go with an inner shell, with all the mounting points for the hardware encased in the outer silver or black aluminium. This doesn’t affect the look of the case at all and is only noticeable with the side panels off and when looking under the case.

As an added benefit of this build style, the bottom of the case can be equipped with a dust filter that fits perfectly into the gap. To get it to fit perfectly you might have to loosen the feet a little to get it to fit in.

The bracket for the top fans has also been updated to allow for both fans to be mounted with four screws, compared to the seven in total on the old case, improving the quality of the case and lowering any vibrations caused by the fans. The SSD tray has been changed to metal, compared to the acrylic in the G1, a welcome addition.

The power button has also been given a needed update, replacing the old mounting mechanism for a more permanent one that doesn’t allow it to become lose and fall out when build in the case. It also appears that GEEEK has improved its quality control with none of the parts having blemishes on the outside of the case, there is smudge or two on the inside of the case but not a deal breaker as you can’t see it on once the case is built. The cooling of the case has also been improved, thanks to the better fan support and the ability to add a 120mm AIO cooler.


CPU CoolerMaximum Height: 66mm
GPUMaximum GPU Length: 325mm
Maximum GPU Height: 145mm
Maximum GPU Width: 55mm, 2.75 Slots, 2.1” Inch
MotherboardMini-ITX (17X17cm)
Drives4 x 2.5″ SSD
Case FanTop: 2x 120mm
Bottom: 2x 120mm
Maximum Height: 25mm
Power Supply TypeSFX / SFX-L
RadiatorBottom: 1x 120 Radiator or 1x 240 Radiator with 1 Fan
Maximum Radiator Height: 27mm
Maximum Fan Height: 25mm

Pricing & availability

The GEEEK G1 SE is available to purchase right now from GEEEK’s online store starting at US$109 for the case itself. The case can be purchased in a silver or black colour with the PCIe riser cable costing an extra US$10. The smoked side panels can be purchased for US$10, down from US$20, along with magnetic dust filter for US$1, normally US$5.