Framework SD expansion card

Framework announces SD expansion card, YouTube series

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In a newsletter sent out early this morning, Framework announced it is working on a full-sized SD expansion card for its series of repairable laptops.

SD expansion card

Framework has pre-announced the SD expansion card, making it very clear that it won’t be coming soon or is even ready to be sold. Instead, the team have begun working on one.

The company have released a 3D model alongside the announcement of the SD expansion card in its current early state. From here Framework will be working with partners and producing many prototypes to ensure the card works and most importantly, fits inside the casing.

If you would like to stay updated on the SD expansion card’s development. You can sign up for updates on the SD expansion card product page.

Framework SD expansion card

Why has it taken so long?

The SD expansion card was actually meant to release with the first batch of expansion cards available at launch, but due to all available SD card connectors being slightly too big to fit into the expansion card housing, the project was put on pause.

At the same time, the team of 4, who were working on the SD expansion card were also working on the rest of the expansion cards and the laptops. Resulting in the project being pushed until resources free up and development on a custom SD connector is completed.

New YouTube series

Along with the new expansion card in the works, Framework announced it is starting a new YouTube series focused on product development, giving customers and fans an inside look into Framework.

The episodes being released over the next few months will cover the product development life cycle of the SD expansion card and will hopefully end with a finished product.

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