Framework Laptop parts

Everything you need to build a Framework Laptop from scratch

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Framework’s laptop is an excellent choice for anyone wanting to invest in a sustainable, repairable, and upgradable laptop knowing parts will remain available for it if something gets damaged or its time for an upgrade.

Framework Laptop is available in two build versions, prebuilt and DIY. The only difference being the RAM, storage, and operating system aren’t installed on the DIY version.

Since all the parts for the Framework Laptop is available on its website, repairs are extremely easy to source parts for, which is what most people will use them for.

A third option is to purchase all the parts separately, for anyone wanting to build their own laptop, like they would a desktop PC. This option is more expensive than the pre-built and DIY options.

Framework Laptop part list

The list below is everything that is needed to get a working Framework Laptop. Each top-level item in the list is all that’s needed. The rest of the items in the list are what each ‘part’ is comprised of. Some parts are combination parts, such as the top cover kit and others are individual parts, such as the Wi-Fi card. Any part that isn’t linked, means it cannot be purchased separately.


Pre-assembled kits

Parts, screws, and extras