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Windows 11 will be a free upgrade

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You’ve seen Windows 11 hit the internet a few days ago thanks to a leaked build of the upcoming operating system. Along with the modern design and features we’ve already seen there is expected more coming soon to remove the Windows 7 styling from the operating system for good.

UPDATE: As confirmed by the Windows 11 event on Thursday, Windows 11 will be free to Windows 10 users provided they have a compatible PC.

One question that has come up a lot around Windows 11 is – Will you have to pay for it? – and hopefully, in this article I’ll be able to make it a little clearer for you.

Will it be free to upgrade?

While poking around the current leaked build, Windows lets us know that it has been activated because of a Windows licence linked to the account, suggesting that Windows 11 could be a free ‘visual upgrade’ to Windows 10. A X.1 update rather than a new number.

I don’t think Microsoft will be forcing users to pay for the upgrade. Even though it seems like a free upgrade right now there is always a chance that Microsoft could force users to buy a new license if they remove the account linked licenses or if you prefer to use a local account.

Why called Windows 11?

As we all know Microsoft said Windows 11 would be the last operating system from the company. This was short lived when we heard about Windows 10X and recently Windows 11. Windows chose to go with 11 for two reasons.

“Major” visual changes

While Windows 11 doesn’t seem like a much of an upgrade but to those that don’t use it as often or aren’t that great with technology Windows 11 would be a big learning curve, with the new taskbar, start menu, and search functionality. And if all of the Windows 7 components are removed this will be even more confusing for users.

Hype/selling point

The other reason can be seen as two. There is a chance that Microsoft is changing the number to 11 to create hype and buzz around the ‘new’ release. Not only is a larger number associated with something better it is also meant to make something look new and better, like Android and iOS’ numbering schemes.

This would also allow Microsoft to advertise laptops and pre-built computers with Windows 11 branding, making it look like a large improvement over Windows 10 for those that aren’t aware of the actual changes.

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