GEEEK shows off its G1 aluminium small form factor PC case

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Taiwan-based GEEEK has shown off its first aluminium small form factor (SFF) PC case, the G1, in the first round of images. The case appears to take on the size of GEEK’s acrylic A50 PLUS case with the build quality of the expensive DAN Cases A4.

The first image shown off by GEEEK was a shot of a silver and black G1 case with the side panels off and no components inside. From the image, we can see it follows the same two-chamber design that separates the graphics card from the rest of the components while forgoing USB and audio ports on the front.

To keep the design clean and minimalistic, the front has been left with a single button that will allow you to turn the PC on, off, and restart it with a long press. Looking inside of the case, we can see it uses an aluminium spine that supports an ITX motherboard and power supply with a cutout on the back for what looks to be a two-slot GPU.

GEEEK G1 case

The cage-like component appears to be the SSD caddy, which will allow you to add two 2.5″ drives to the computer with the ability to add SSDs or HDDs. The side panels appear to screw on with similar thumbscrews to GEEEK’s previous cases but will likely have rubber added to prevent scratches from appearing.

Looking at the second image shared on Twitter, we get to see the GPU side of the case this time. The spine of the PC looks to come out a little to the edge of the case to support the PCI-E riser cable for the GPU, while doubling as a spot for the only GEEEK logo to be added.

The case’s legs also appear to raise it slightly higher than the A50 PLUS to allow for more airflow from a possible fan that could be added in. Looking at the vents on the case, you can see GEEEK has chosen to go with the more aesthetically pleasing circular holes rather than, the more efficient hexagons on previous cases.


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