Framework Laptop AMD reviews

Framework Laptop AMD reviews are in, shipping soon

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Reviews for the Framework Laptop AMD edition are in, and things are looking good for team red and Framework. There is also exciting news around batch 1 AMD orders as well as marketplace improvements for those in Europe.

Framework Laptop AMD reviews

Written reviews

The two written reviews highlighted by the Framework team are from Tom’s Hardware and Engadget. TH gave the laptop a glowing review focusing on the ease of upgrade, going as far to say, “all upgrades should be this easy. Taking the Intel board out and putting the AMD board in didn’t take me very long at all, especially with Framework’s instructions handy.”

Engadget equally loved the new Framework Laptop AMD edition, adding the following, “it’s worth saying, as usual, that this is, first and foremost, a productivity machine, but with AMD on board, it’ll play just as hard as it works.”

You can read both Tom’s Hardware and Engadget‘s reviews for the full scoop on the new Framework Laptop AMD edition.

Video review

Framework highlighted a video review from tech lover Just Josh, with Josh saying the following about the laptop. “It immediately jumps to my number one recommendation for software developers looking for a small and portable laptop. But, given how insanely good this laptop is, I’d also strongly recommend those looking for a laptop for school or home or office use, to really consider this one.”

Framework Laptop AMD orders

Along with the announcement of the first reviews going live, Framework have confirmed that batch 1 AMD orders will be going on shortly. The company recently increased capacity at its factory and have a higher logistics throughput, allowing to churn through the rest of the AMD preorders at a faster rate and ship them out in a shorter time frame.

These improvements should mean wait times won’t be as long as they have been for previous Intel models of the Framework laptop. Hopefully, also meaning Framework Laptop 16 waiting times will be improved as well.

European marketplace improvements

Due to demand from the community, Framework have opened a new warehouse in the Netherlands enabling faster and cheaper delivery of items from the Framework Marketplace to customers in the EU and UK.

Shipping charges are down to €12 to supported EU countries and just £10 to the UK. All laptops, and likely mainboards, will continue to ship from Taiwan, but the rest of the items on the marketplace will now be stocked much closer to European customers.