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Framework External GPU: a preview of what’s to come

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Framework is working on an external GPU enclosure as another way to reuse old Framework GPU models and give them a new life. When released, the Framework eGPU will join a number of other new products released by the company.

Framework External GPU rundown

During the recent video on LTT, Linus mentioned that Framework has begun mocking up an external GPU (eGPU) enclosure to be used with its new GPU models being released alongside the new 16-inch Framework Laptop hitting the public later this year.

Unlike conventional eGPU docks, Framework’s has been designed specifically for its own module system, which uses the same physical connector as Dell’s Dell Graphics Form Factor (DGFF) it used back in the day for its modular graphics card system. The only differences are the pinout Framework is using is completely different pinout, as Dell never published theirs, and it will be made public for third parties to take advantage of.

Framework eGPU specs

GPU compatibilityFramework GPU modules
Internal power supply (PSU)TBA
IO portsTBA, 1x USB-C
Thunderbolt versionTBA, likely Thunderbolt 4
Laptop power delivery (PD)TBA, likely 100W
Laptop compatibilityTBA, likely any Thunderbolt 3 & 4 laptops

Release date and pricing

From what we’ve heard it doesn’t sound like the Framework eGPU enclosure is far along in the creation process. At the moment we know there are mockups of the enclosure, which could mean there are only drawings created and potentially one or two incredibly early prototypes used as proof of concepts.

Based on the pricing of other external GPU enclosures we expect the Framework eGPU enclosure to sit around the $150 to $200 mark without any GPU included. This would be a result of not needing to include any PSU components to power the GPU modules.

Note: Image is for illustrative products only. Case in the photo is the GEEEK G4