Looking to get a Louqe Ghost S1 in the US? Now’s your chance

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It’s no secret that small form factor (SFF) cases are hard to pick up, but if you looking at the Louqe Ghost S1, here’s your chance. Louqe has just shared a stock update for the Ghost S1 case in the US, and it’s looking good for those who have been waiting.

Louqe took to Twitter earlier today to share a stock update of the Ghost S1 Mk3 in the United States. The tweet shared that the case is still on track to reach the US by late October, with a few more weeks for it to show in stock at retailers.

Louqe followed up by saying the Ghost S1 will be available on Amazon, so be sure to check the product listing every few days to ensure you get your case before it runs out of stock. The Ghost S1 is also in stock in China and Europe, but stock is expected to run out fast as it always does, an issue most small production run small form factor cases face.

If you aren’t able to get your hands on the Ghost S1, there are a few other cases that are currently in stock that might pique your interest. GEEEK released it’s latest N500 LITE case for pre-order at just $69, making it one of the cheapest small form factor cases. The case is expected to ship on the 15th of October.

If you want something that matches the build quality of the Ghost S1, SFF Lab currently has the NCASE M1 in stock for $219, which will ship out between the 12th and 16th of October.

Are you waiting to get your hands on the Ghost S1? Or are you waiting for the Dan Case A4 or a similar case to come back into stock? Let us know in the comments below.