NCASE partners with Streacom to build a better Meshlicious


NCASE has partnered with Streacom to produce a new version of the SSUPD Meshlicious that’s Less Mesh and More Delicious.

The ‘NCASE M2’ will have improved airflow, better overall cooling for components, and better support for water cooling component. It will support 3-slot GPUs and ATX power supplies, with one of the creators, W360, saying, “adding compatibility and cooling, not going backwards”.

I want to create a better product and focus on [creating] a mainstream SFF case. - W360

What we know

SSUPD will continue to produce cases with a focus on creating larger m-ITX cases that are targeted towards the mass market and therefor bring in more profit. W360’s opinion is a “compromised product” due to budgeting issues and factory limitations place on it, reducing its potential.

The future of SSUPD